June 13, 2024

Smart and Start finances your innovative business through a zero-interest loan of up to 90% (and a non-repayable share for Southern SMEs at 40%), for consultancy and services regarding innovation, research and development sme marketing grant. The loan covers all management costs related to starting the business, including the necessary equipment and machinery.

Smart Money

If you want to define your business project and prepare for market launch, Smart Money is the ideal incentive for your innovative startup. It provides for non-repayable grants and subsidized loans for the purchase of services provided by incubators, accelerators and other authorized research bodies.

The financial subsidies equal to 80% full, up to 10,000 euro, of expenses provided for in the business plan reaching 100% for investments in equity, received from certified incubators , accelerators, research organizations, business angels and institutional investors.

The measurement Textile, fashion and accessories

The Textile, Fashion and Accessories measure – provided for by the “Relaunch Decree” (Article 38 bis) – helps your business to be born thanks to the disbursement of non -repayable contributions, up to 50% of the costs incurred and eligible relating to:

  • purchase of new factory machinery, plant and equipment, including related installation costs;
  • patents, computer programs and software licenses;
  • training of personnel relating to the aspects on which the project is focused in an amount not exceeding 10% of the project amount.

To participate in the call, you must be a company (or a start-up) of the industry, textiles, fashion and accessories. Or a young talent who wants to enhance a made in Italy product in the textile and fashion sector, never created before.