June 13, 2024

Dental crowns are usually given if there is any kind of Missing tooth, stains, loss of tooth structure etc., there are various types of crowns available in the market. And the price range also varies from crown to crown.

 Crown is selected based on the remaining two structure and also length of the crown, there are three types of crowns available such as porcelain fuse and metal, all porcelain, zirconia crowns usually these crowns are selected based on the available tooth structure

If the two structure is sound enough and it there’s a lot of masticatory forces then all zirconia crowns are recommended and if the tooth structure it’s less and in order to wear the masticator forces PFM crowns are usually advised

If you want to get best durable crowns at your place then visit the platform dental crown cleaning where they provide you three types of crowns but you have to select them based on the remaining two structure

 Of all these crowns the zirconia crowns which are also called as white metal crowns are more durable and also provide efficacy to bear the mastery forces in an efficient way

If you have any kind of problems such as discolored tooth, broken tooth, root canal treated tooth these kinds of crowns are very helpful and prevent the further damage of the Tooth structure, so I suggest if you have any kind of above mentioned problem prefer these kinds of crowns