May 22, 2024

Synthetic lifting slings aremade ofnylon or polyester. It holds delicate equipment andprotects them from damage. The synthetic material has scratch and flexibility to help the slings mold to the shape of the load, gripping securelywhile cushioning and absorbing shock more than a wire rope or chain.

Characteristics of a Synthetic Lifting sling-

  • Synthetic slings are also known as synthetic rigging slings or synthetic lifting straps. Theseslings are lightweight, flexible, and covered with a protective jacket.
  • The rugged woven fabric sleeve protective jacket protects the slings fibers andadds a layer of protection to items being lifted.
  • They are lightweight and straightforward to handle. They are non-sparking,non-conductive, and can be used safely in explosive atmospheres.
  • Esthetic slings are typically not affected by grease, oil commercial, or certain chemicals.
  • Nylon slings are damaged byacids but resistcaustics. Polyester slings are damaged by caustics but resist acids.
  • Synthetic slings are easily cut and have poor abrasion resistance compared to chain and wire rope slings. It protects slings from heat sources such as steam pipes, open flame, and welding splatter.

Where to find the best qualitysyntheticslings in Singapore?

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