May 22, 2024

People make sure that they invest a lot of money in their security, and it is a good thing that people do this. For security, several different options are available now, and it is great how much this field has progressed. Earlier for security, the only thing people had were their friends who would be willing to come along to protect one another. Now, we have guards who can help us, we can get a lock, there are many different types of locks available for you to experiment with and see which one works out the best, there are also CCTV cameras that can be added to those places that always seemed a little suspicious. Or if you have a special safe in your room, you can attach a camera facing that safe, so if anyone is around it, the person keeping a check on the cameras will know. After a point, we also had facial recognition that became a big deal, and it quickly became the smartest way to lock a door

Facial recognition:

This technology works because your face needs to be recorded in the system from the start. Once it is recorded, if you ever try to open the thing by showing your face, it opens immediately. It captures some key features of your face such as your eyes, nostrils, etc. That is how it works, and that is why it is the smartest way to get access to a door and keep it secure. Facial recognition for door access has been the smartest invention so far.