May 22, 2024

Numerous applications you may need to finish during your life will require certified duplicates of supporting records to be submitted with the application bundle. This is particularly evident in the event that you will be finishing any Canadian or other immigration applications. Be that as it may, what is a certified copy?

  • This article will cover:
  • What is a Certified Copy?
  • What is a Certified Translation?
  • Who can certify a copy?
  • How would I get my duplicates certified?

The total rundown of those qualified to certify duplicates for applications submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada inside Canada

Who can certify duplicates for IRCC applications outside of CanadaCanada permanent resident


A certified copy is a photocopy of an archive that contains an announcement made by an expert avowing that they have seen the first report, the data on the copy coordinates the first, and the photocopy has not been adjusted at all. In light of the additional exertion important to deliver a certified copy, it is acknowledged by certain administration offices instead of a unique record.


Certified interpretations are every now and again utilized in applications where none of the reports submitted will be come back to the candidate or, products of the archives should be submitted to various government organizations. Frequently the main satisfactory interpretations of reports must be certified duplicates to show the credibility of those archives.

Be that as it may, in specific applications, just unique archives are acknowledged, and these will be come back to the candidate. You should ensure that certified interpretations are a satisfactory substitute for unique records for whatever you are applying for.


Just individuals in specific fields, a large number of which are managed, may certify duplicates. Who can certify the duplicates additionally depends where the duplicates are being submitted. For instance, to submit Cuban marriage reports to the Cuban office, just an attorney can certify the duplicates; duplicates certified by a chief of vows or another expert, which might be acknowledged by another administration or association, won’t be acknowledged by the Cuban office and the application will be come back to the candidate.

In any case, for applications submitted to the legislature of Canada, individuals from a few callings may certify duplicates, including

  • specialists,
  • legal advisors,
  • dental specialists,
  • priests,
  • cops,
  • postmasters, and

For a total rundown of experts who can certify reports for applications to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), if it’s not too much trouble see underneath.

For somebody to certify duplicates of your archives, they don’t have to know you by and by. Numerous individuals ask their own primary care physician or legal advisor to certify their duplicates, however you may request that any expert do it gave that is satisfactory to your application. In the event that the individual who confirms the duplicates knows you as their patient or customer, they may not charge you anything. In any case, in the event that you are obscure to them, and now and then regardless of whether you are their customer, they may charge you an expense to certify your records. It is totally legitimate for them to do as such.

The individual who confirms your duplicates can’t under any conditions be your relative.

The most effective method to MAKE SURE A COPY IS CERTIFIED

At the point when you have discovered somebody to certify your reports, it isn’t sufficient for them to just make a photocopy and sign their name. The expert who is certifying the archives should likewise compose the announcement: “I certify this is a genuine copy of the first report

Certified duplicates can arrive in various organizations:

Certain experts will put the entirety of their data in the same spot as the duplicated record.

In any case, others will put a spread sheet over the copy with the vital data in composed organization and staple the two together.

The two configurations are generally satisfactory.

Certain experts, for example, legal advisors as often as possible have stamps or seals that they use to include certain pieces of the vital data on account of the quantity of certified duplicates they need to deliver. A certified copy needn’t bother with a stamp or seal to be finished. These stamps are normally just a question of accommodation for the individual creation the copy and a similar data in manually written structure is likewise adequate.

In any case, if the individual certifying the duplicates utilizes a press seal to decorate the paper – to deliver a stamp with no shading however with raised lettering – it is suggested that they do utilize a hued seal so the stamp will appear on a photocopy. Emblazoned seals done on plain white paper are effectively obvious, yet don’t show up effectively on a photocopy of the certified copy.

When you have the certified photocopy, ensure the entirety of the above data is available.

At long last, ensure that the photocopy itself is of acceptable quality. The certified duplicates may at present not be acknowledged whether they are excessively light, obscured, or if some portion of the archive doesn’t appeared in the copy. Hence, reports ought to be put in the glass when making a copy as opposed to on the edge to guarantee that no piece of the archive is lost.


People approved to certify duplicates submitted to the administration of Canada incorporate the accompanying:

  • Chiropractor
  • Magistrate of vows
  • Dental specialist
  • Burial service chief
  • Equity of the harmony or judge
  • Legal counselor
  • Supervisor of a monetary organization
  • Clinical specialist
  • Individual from a common lawmaking body
  • Individual from parliament
  • Clergyman of religion
  • Metropolitan agent
  • Public accountant